Welcome to Guardian Services

Guardian is a full-service valet, transportation, and event planning firm that provides the highest level of service to Memphis and the Midsouth. We provide a wide range of personal, corporate, valet, event planning, and professional driving services for our customers.


Valet & Lot Management

Our valet and parking lot management services are available for special events, private parties, holiday traffic, weddings and peak business times any time of the day, week or year. Guardian Services has the expertise and resources to offer tailored services for each client.


Guardian Services offers car and shuttle service for any event or occasion. No matter the event or amount of people you need to transfer, we can accommodate your needs with a custom-made transportation plan using one or several of our cars, vans, SUVs and busses.

Event Planning

Guardian Concierge can serve all your needs for your event, from a small party to a corporate function with hundreds of guests. We can arrange the venue, contract with the caterer, find the music, provide transportation for the guests, and park their cars.

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